The Stables

Discover more about our horses and riding

Lion and Cheetah Park has its own stables, based just outside of the game reserve (yes, a long way from the lions!). This is where our horses are stabled overnight and graze during the day. We have a riding arena, lunging ring and a polocrosse field. All of our horses are schooled in dressage, jumping, safari riding and polocrosse to ensure our herd is fit, reliable, safe and responsive.

As well as the permanent residents, our team retrains ex-racehorses and receives horses for rehabilitation before being rehomed. You can find out  about our horses below.

We are open every day for riding. We do short and long safari rides, riding lessons, polocrosse lessons and kids parties. You can even bring your own horse out to us if you want to enjoy nature on your own steed.

Welcome Bingo


In 2020 we are opening Zimbabwe's first quarterhorse stud. "Bingo, I am A Cutter" a world class stallion is our founding sire. Bingo is a buckskin stallion, whose bright golden coat is outshone only by his gentle personality and perfect conformation. He will be available for stud services this year. Mares from international bloodlines will also be joining us for artificial insemination using semen from some of America's best quarterhorse stallions.


Activities on offer


Short Horse Ride


5 minutes

Saddle up for a 5-minute horse ride in to the bush. Children and adults will be joined by our experienced groom who will show you the park from a different perspective, with chances to see beautiful wildlife.

If needed, the groom can lead your horse during the ride, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experince without needing to steer!


Long Horse Ride


1 hour +

A 1 to 2 hour horse ride in to the bush. Suitable for children and adults who want to see more of the park and more animals on horseback. Advanced riders can trot and canter.

The ride is available every day. Booking is advance is essential and the ride can be combined with camping, lunch, sundowners  or the bush dinner experience.

Meet the Horses



Is the biggest of our horses and strong, safe and steady. This makes him perfect for inexperienced  riders who want to enjoy a horse ride whilst at the park. He loves horse food and will be very happy if he is fed apples.



Our faithful pony who is relaxed and not scared of anything. He is perfect for young or nervous riders. He enjoys  bush rides with guests and his favourite food is carrots.



Dream was born and raised at the park. He is ½ half thoroughbred and ½ Arabian and loves going out in the game reserve with beginner or advanced riders. He is very trusting and is currently learning to play polocrosse.



Starlight was rescued in 2013. She was infested with ticks and had bad injuries and infections in her legs. Years of TLC have brought her right and she pays us back by being the sweetest little mare for beginners and experienced riders alike. She is a bombproof horse for riding lessons.



Dippy is a Thoroughbred who came from the racetrack. He is a great horse, reserved for competent riders. He is light in the mouth and responsive. He also jumps well and plays a good game of polocrosse.



Diva is a large Thoroughbred horse from the racetrack. She is reserved for competent riders and is a go to lead horse for our guides on longer safari rides. She jumps over a meter and is agile and light on the polocrosse field.



Our sweet boy Hustle came to us at just 2 years old. Now at 7 years of age he is the perfect horse for beginner riders, and loves human attention, cuddles and fuss.



Texas is a beautiful bay mare who is well schooled, light and responsive, but also safe for less experienced riders. She is a wonderful all round horse and is owned by our stables manager, Tony.

merc (2).jpg


Also belonging to our stables manager, Mercury is a little gelding with a big heart. He is fast and agile on the polocrosee field, and is a great horse to take competent riders to the next level.

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Riding lesson


45 minutes

Never sat on a horse before? Looking to improve your riding? Want to get more experience in the saddle? Then this for you.


Riders receive one-on-one tuition to help them improve their balance and confidence in a fun and supportive environment.


Polocrosse lesson


45 minutes

Polocrosse is a team sport, described as a mix between rugby and La-crosse, played on horseback.

Learn to control your horse with one hand, and the netted 'stick' in the other. Scoop up the ball, throw to your team members and enjoy a game that is fun for all ges.