Bush Enclosure



Date of Birth: 10/3/2008

Jonah is the dominant male of his pride. He loves sleeping most of the day and roaring at dawn and dusk so all the males know he is in charge. His favourite enrichment item is the tyre, and he will put all 200 kg of his weight in to trying to pull it down!



Date of Birth: 22/2/2009

One of our most social lions, Kaiser has a friendly personality and will often come up and rub along the fence line to greet our guests. He also enjoys lounging in the sun and grooming Jonah. His favourite enrichemnt item is the ice cold popsicles we freeze for him out of cow blood!



Date of Birth: 1/7/2009

Lilo is a pretty lioness (if we do say so ourselves) who loves sitting up on the high platform and grooming herself whilst being admired by our visitors. Her sister is Zinda and they can often be found sleeping back to back in the early hours of the morning.



Date of Birth 1/7/2009

Zinda is Lilo’s sister. She is the dominant of the two, and the leading lady of the pride. Zinda is a picky eater and will choose only the most select pieces of meat and beef is her favourite dish. She used to be a fantastic tree climber in her younger years but nowadays she is much happier keeping her feet firmly on the ground, or at best venturing up on to the platform for a view out over the picnic area.

Savannah Enclosure



Date of Birth 3/6/2012

Our handsome white lion who was born in South Africa. His is the laziest of all our lions and spends much of his day lying in full sunlight despite all the nice shady areas in his enclosure. He often roars lying down and has been known to eat a whole meal without standing up. How he keeps his massive white mane so clean is a mystery.



Date of Birth 25/1/2012

Lola, who is also from south Africa, is the opposite of her mate Leo. She is very mischievous and will often follow guests along the fence line to see what is going on. She loves sitting up on the natural rock mounds in the enclosure to get the best viewing spot over the picnic site.  

Gorge Enclosure



Date of Birth 25/4/2007

Renowned for his piercing orange eyes, Stitch is a strong male lion who had a tough start to life. His mother injured him with a bite wound, and he suffered a perforated diaphragm. He was taken to the operating theatre to be stitched back together, hence his name ‘stitch’. Today he is a very dominant boy and will not put up with any funny business from the females in his pride.



Date of Birth 25/1/2007

Stanzi is a feisty lioness who enjoys winding up her pride male, although she never gets too far. She is very athletic and enjoys climbing to the highest point of the gorge rock formation each morning and roaring to the other lions in the park.



Date of Birth 28/11/2009

Pasha is a beautiful girl who is very social and always initiatives grooming sessions within her pride. Grooming serves to bond the pride and strengthen social ties, so she is budded the “social butterfly” of the group.

Forrest Enclosure



Date of Birth 19/5/2000

This handsome and strong boy has a striking mane and the loudest roar in the park. He was given to us from a nearby property in 2004, when the local farmer left Zimbabwe and was relocating the animals under their care. He loves sleeping in the sun, lapping up the rays in his old age.



Date of Birth: 19/2/2003

Gin is a calm and sensible lioness who spends 90% of her time sleeping, even when the others are up and about. She will however become very active when she hears the food truck coming!



Date of Birth 26/2/2005

Twana is our local superstar model, back in 2005 she stared in a Miss World photoshoot! She is the friendliest of the lions in her pride, and is the main initiator of social interactions and grooming sessions in the group.

Main Enclosure



Date of Birth: 23/8/2003

Tsotsi is a very striking male lion. His deep golden eyes have beautiful brown pigmentation spots in them which make him easily distinguished from other male lions at the park. He is quite shy, but enjoys the company of the lionesses, and always enjoys our scenting behavioural enrichment.



Date of Birth: 9/9/2004

Mana is a very social lion, choosing to spend almost all of her time in the close company of at least one of her pride mates. She is also very vocal and often makes soft calling noises when communicating with her pride.



Date of Birth: 9/9/2004

Shumba is Mana’s sister and the two have always been very close. They can often be seen grooming each other, eating close together and even sometimes sharing a meal! She has a darker coat than her sister and is slightly smaller.




Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Greek God of fire

The largest of the litter, Volcan is the Alpha male and leads the tiny pack. He is always the first to head in to a new and strange situation and is brave and bold. His favourite thing (this goes for all the puppies!) is eating meat or chewing on a bone.



Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Latin for “woodland”

Silva can be recognised by her dark face and nose. She is a very friendly girl who generally always greets people with a wagging tail and a big grin.



Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Latin for “travel”

Dia is a confident and fun loving wolf who is always playing with her litter mates and who is also one of the first to initiate movement of the pack or the start of an adventure. She is easily recognised by her fur, which is darker and fluffier than her littermates.



Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Latin for “Air”

Aura is a sweet girl, who is slightly more timid than the other females in the litter. She is also one of the smallest. She can entertain herself for hours playing with toys and digging little holes that she will then curl up and sleep in.

Luna (3).jpg


Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Latin for “Moon”

Luna is the largest girl of the litter and is always off investigating. She can be very social, but some days is a bit of a diva and wants to be left alone, and will distance herself from the pack.  



Date of Birth: 15/5/2020

Name meaning: Greek God of Love

Cupid is the runt of the litter. He is the smallest. He can be shy, but also is very happy being close to people he knows and likes, and will sit on a lap for hours on end enjoying fuss.




Jasmine is a side striped jackal. She is quite shy by nature, which is a common trait for all types of jackal. Jasmine is often seen relaxing in the shade of her enclosure or perched up on the rocks. Her favourite enrichment toys are eggs, which our team hides around the enclosure for her to sniff out.




Geoff (pronounced "Jeff") came to us in January 2021 having been badly attacked by dogs. He had wounds across his spine and for the first few weeks was not able to walk. After a lot of physio and care he is making a good recovery and can now walk and run again. 

Geoff will remain with us until he is much larger and stronger, able to defend himself from snakes and predators and live comfortably without the heat lamp at night. Then he will be released into the game park to live a wild and free life.


Captain Jack Sparrow.jpg

Captain Jack Sparrow

Our two ostriches were rescued from Matabeleland where leopard had decimated their flock. We are hoping they will breed at the park and their offspring will be released in to game parks and reserves. Jack's favorite thing is to show off his beautiful big black feathers to guests who walk up to the enclosure.

Elizabeth Swan.jpg

Elizabeth Swan

Elizabeth is a much quieter and calmer bird than her partner, and will rarely be found prancing around showing off. She enjoys eating out of guest's hands and adores fresh lettice and game cubes.



Jeremy, Tom and  Jessica

These cheeky monkeys all came in to our care as youngsters. Their stories vary slightly, but all three  were trapped or injured in a cage trap by a nearby farmers. Their troop were nowhere to be found and so they were raised by people, and eventually handed over to our care when they became too large and destructive.  Jememy's favourite food is red apples, and Jessica hates bananas (!). They all enjoy swinging from the ropes and tyres in their enclosure, or perching on high up rocks.


bonnie face.jpg

Bonnie Face

Bonnie Face travelled up to us from South Africa in 2018. He is a friendly boy who loves his food. His favourite snack is leaves from the game park. He is very vocal, you may hear him gurgling and grumbling as you walk past the enclosure.




Tommy the galapagos tortoise is considered by many to be a celebrity of our park. He is thought to be around 250 years old and weights around 150 kilograms.  Many people remember him from their childhood visits to the park and are always happy to see him strong and well. Tommy loves lettice, apples and cabbage, as well as bathing in his very own pool which has been build on our lawn.



Happy and Snappy

Our two crocodiles, Happy and Snappy are firm favorites with our visitors. Seeing these beautiful animals up close, but through the safety of the fence is a very special experience. They are just about always found lying in the warm sunshine during the day, although they also enjoy soaking in their pond when it gets very hot.


Our Animals

Find out who you can meet at the park

Our four legged family is made up of a variety of animals, many of whom have been rescued from the illegal pet trade, animal trafficking, or as problem animals who were putting human lives in anger and who would have otherwide have been killed. Each animal here has found a safe home and sanctuary to live out their days in peace, cared for by our dedicated team. 

At any given time we have a range of animals who are able to be viewed by the public, as well as animals "behind the scenes" who are undergoing recovery, rehabilitation and rewilding, in order to give them a chance at a wild life in our game reserve or sometimes in another more suitable site. Keeping them away from the public like this gives these animals the best chance of a wild release, which we strongly believe is best for fit, healthy animals, who have been born wild. 


To find out which species are open to viewing by the public, scroll down to see all the animals, or click on the photos below to go straight to that species.






Luna (3).jpg




DSC_2694 (2).jpg






Sango and Bundu

Sango came to us having been badly attacked by dogs. He sustained very bad skin injuries across his legs and tummy. It took a lot of nursing and physio to recover him and thanks to our dedicated team, the scars on his limbs do not hinder his movement too badly and are reabsorbing slowly.

Bundu was found in a bag at the front gates of our ark. She was thin, scared and had terrible tail injuries, with bones sticking out at all angles. For two weeks she was on antibiotics so the infection levels dropped, then her tail was amputated. If it werent for the treatment and amputation she would have certainly died from the infection. Despite her short tail, she is now recovering well.



Out in our game park, you can drive your own car around and see zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, blesbok, nyala, wildebeest impala, eland, warthogs, monkeys and more. The roads are suitable for all vehicles, so everyone can enjoy this little piece of nature. All of the animals in the game park are wild, but are used to cars and visitors can get very close to them from the safety and comfort of their vehicle.


Image by Marius Masalar

Just down the road from Lion and Cheetah Park is our partner attraction, Snake World. Entry to snake world is separate to the Lion and Cheetah Park ticket. This newly refurbished attraction is home to over 30 species of snake which can be viewed safely in glass vivariums. From the harmless Grass Snake, to huge Black Mambas, Pythons, Boomslang, Spitting Cobras and Gaboon Vipers. The tour will undoubtedly get your heart racing, and you will learn about the various types of venom, reptile behaviour, and most importantly, the importance of conserving these unique animals.  

Snake world is also home to our large crocodiles, monitor lizards, and little chameleons which you are invited to handle and learn why fake rumours and myths are causing the decline to this species that is so essential to human health.