DIY Camping

We have three unique and beautiful campsites located in our game park. A perfect way to relax in the solitude of nature.

Our DIY Camp sites are hired “per person” and allow you to set up your own camp as you please. Each spot is peaceful, secluded and has its own defining charm to create a stunning overnight hideaway to enjoy with friends or family.


Cost per night

$10 USD Adult

$5 USD Child


The three sites are each located up a private track in the game park, allowing  peace and quiet, with  the chance to hop in your car and explore the park throughout the day. Animals often pass camp and you may see warthog, giraffe, impala, wildebeest and zebra. There are no carnivores roaming loose around the game reserve, our lions are all in enclosures a few kilometres away. If you are lucky you will hear their chorus or roars at sunset.

These are natural campsites and there are no showers or electricity. During open hours (8am to 5pm) you can use the flush toilets at the Kiosk, which are a 3 minute drive away.


  • Braai stand

  • Rubbish bin

  • Central fireplace (firewood included)

  • Longdrop toilet


Campsite 1

Set in the middle of a young msasa forrest, with two great Euphorbia trees framing the site, lies Campsite 1.

This is the largest of the three sites, allowing for larger groups. An alleyway of natural granite on the south  side of camp often channels zebras on their daily migration. The sunset glows orange through the trees in the afternoon and the moon rises up over the euphorbias.  


Campsite 2

A uniquely shaped balancing rock pile defines Campsite 2.

Msasa and acacia trees offer shade, and rock formations flanking both sides of camp provide a picturesque setting as well as a natural playground for kids. The sun sets through the trees turning the forest golden in the afternoon light.


Campsite 3

Campsite three is our smaller site, standing at the foot of a granite kopje.

The interlocking boulders form a wonderful backdrop to this little campsite, which sits just off the road for easy access to the rest of the park.

A large acacia tree provides ample shade and impala often graze close to the camp.


You can bring your own food and drinks with you, or buy breakfast, lunch and dinner from our Shumba Restaurant at the Kiosk area. The restaurant is open 8.30 am to 5 pm every day and we serve a variety of meals, sweets, drinks and chocolates.


Guests are asked to be in the campsite from 6pm to 7 am. You are welcome to game drive during the day, and braai in the park or visit the kiosk’s restaurant, shops and enclosures.


Frequently asked questions

How many people can stay at the camp?

You can bring as many people to the site as you wish

Will my car reach the camp site?

Yes it will. You do not need a high clearance car for 4x4 to reach the camp. Most of our game oark is also easily accesssable with any vehicle.

What are the ablutions like?

There is one long drop toilet per camp. There are no showers in camp. During Kiosk open hours (8.30 am to 5 pm) you are welcome to use our normal flushing toilets.

Is there electricity

No. To keep the experince as rustic and natural as possible, there is no power in the camp site. It is a good idea to bring tourches. 

Is bush camping dangerous?

No, this is a safe area with no dangerous game. However, it is always prudent to respect wild animals and not walk too close to them.

Can I lock my tent?

You can bring your own padlocks for your tent. This doubles as a way to stop cheeky monkeys opening zips whilst you are out enjoying the rest of the reserve!


Are there any additional charges?

Additional to your camping fee, each person needs to buy an entry ticket to Lion and Cheetah Park, for 10 USD per adult and 5 USD per child (under 2’s free), which will allow unlimited gate entries for the duration of your stay. That means you can head out to Kuimba Shiri Bird Park, Fish Lake Darwendale, boat on Lake Chivero or visit the rhinos at Chivero National Park during the day, and return to your site in the evening.